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About Crafted & Cured

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve our community and patrons needs with a full service retail shop of craft beer, select wines, champagnes, cured meats and artisanal cheeses. We will strive to provide a service that will be unique and memorable in a setting that is a tribute to the history of the building and its original function in the late 1800’s and early/mid 1900’s as an Apothecary. We look to educate and be educated on all things Crafted & Cured local, regional or worldwide. Through our 60 tap system we will look to bring some of the most unique and rare Beer, Ciders, and Meads along with many of the classic favorites to share with you. Our cured element will deliver a unique mix of charcuterie boards consisting of meats, cheese, oils, vinegars, fruits, vegetables and select seafood to culture your palette. The Crafted & Cured elements will also offer many different pairings as we expand your knowledge of these elements. We hope to always be a beacon of service and a anchor in the community as an integral part of the District Provisions.

History of “Dietz Block”: (Compiled from stories and extended research with the Dayton Genealogy Center)

To give a proper experience of what we would like to offer our community and patrons it would only be most memorable if the history of the building was part of that experience.  This building has sat on this block for 130 years.  As a bit of irony, right before Dietz built the building there was a makeshift grocer and local provisions market in a makeshift structure for a short while before Dietz began the build and subsequently razed that structure and moved to a different part of downtown.  Dietz Block building was known for its architecture and design. The building was of the greatest iron store fronts in all of Dayton with its custom molded entablatures and corbelled brick.

1886 – 1923/24 (Approx.)

John C. Dietz, a local druggist, built this  building in 1886 on the corner of Wayne and Jones streets as an apothecary to provide medicine and a range of basic medical services to specialists, surgeons, and patients in Dayton and the Miami valley.  This would be similar to a modern day pharmacy.  Along with his apothecary he also had three other retail storefronts and another store room (The adjacent connected building that will be the Mediterranean grill soon to be known as “Glasz”) in the building that was separate because there were walls where there are now the big openings through the main floor. These three storerooms including the apothecary, with street front access, were numbers 531-529-527-525 officially.  There were many successful merchants who were in the building throughout Dietz tenure.  H.M. Gitzinger Mantel Grates & Metal Co. who specialized in gas grates, mantles, tiles and similar products, was also a successful tenant and was even the 531 store room (currently where Crafted & Cured occupies) from 1917 – 1923 at the 525 address (Currently “Glasz” grill ).  A Shoe merchant owned and run by H. G. Hueffelman was also a tenant of Dietz and staple store front during that time.  Ralph Mer Lublin ran a successful tailor shop that eventually transformed into a full service dry cleaning service from 1917 – 1923.  Most notably his son Edward C. Dietz began a plumbing company in the 529 and 527 address (Room next to Crafted & Cured) in 1904.  The rear addition came around 1908 when his son’s plumbing business was doing so well he needed more space in the rear of the building so he built the addition fronting Jones Street on the back side of Crafted & Cured.  His son’s company was there until his dad sold the property around 1927.  He ran this very successful development in Dayton and was known for his business prowess and interactions with the Wright, Kettering, Deeds, Patterson families, etc on the property.  Even when the great flood of 1913 destroyed a lot of downtown Dayton, including major damages to this building, Dietz stayed and restored the building with the major relief efforts led by Charles F. Kettering.  He and his family lived above that store the entire time it was the apothecary and mix of other businesses.  The flood line is also on the floor where Dietz living quarters were upstairs at 531 1/2 as it was addressed.

1923/24 – 1971/72 (Approx.) “Blood Block”

In early 1920’s  Dietz was in the process of moving out and selling , so he was looking to keep the space full while winding down his business.  During that time from 1921 – 1927 there were a few merchants in the building such as a piano house run by Rodney W. Martin for a year in 1922. The “Burmeister” Repairman was in the 525 address in 1925 – 1926.  Halters Stanton Electric Co. was in the 531 (Crafted & cured) space from 1925 – 1926.  By 1927 Dietz & the Dayton Auction Co. had come across a potential buyer for the property as a whole.  The buyer of the building started “Blood hardware and supply company” in 1928 and occupied the entire building and was known to be one of the best operated businesses of its kind till the early 70’s.  Blood Hardware was very successful even up until it was subsequently sold to Norman Miller & Sons Decorators who were down at 521 Wayne and needed more room for their growing decorating & architecture business. During this time, as a play on “Dietz Block” , it became known as the “Blood Block” in conversation.

1972/73 – 1989/90 (Approx.)

When the Miller & Son’s took over 525-531 Wayne the decorators had in mind a more dynamic show room and eventually decided to use the entire building to operate their business.  They moved into the “Dietz/Blood Block” building and equally used the 521 address for all of their business operations.  The Miller’s knocked out the openings that exist between each room so that he could have a large showroom for all of the furniture and design services they offered.  Furthermore, the entrance for the furniture and design store was where the Mediterranean grill ( “Glasz Bleu Oven” ) is currently.  This decorating company was successful and a staple store front for almost 20 years in the Oregon Historic District.  The business moved out of the building and was then called the “Norman Miller building” around town while they operated the main store of the business at 521 Wayne avenue a few lots down.

199/92 – Present

After sitting mostly empty of tenants for the better part of 25 years, today it will be known as “District Provisions” but will still be referred to in story and remembrance as all the successful nicknames (“Dietz Block”,  “Blood block”,  “Norman Miller building”).  As we take this endeavor with history we will strive to make the community, city, and past owners proud that we were the next generation of business to showcase the property with multi-functional needs of the community.  District Provisions is a turn of the century style neighborhood market.  Designed and built to supply the primary daily grocery needs (provisions) to the residents of Oregon District, South Park, St. Anne’s Hill and the downtown Dayton commuting public.  Providing quality organic produce, local humanely raised proteins, fresh local dairy, hand selected craft beer, imported wines, organic health foods and unique household goods will be the mission of the market.  Offerings by the market for the people and businesses will be facilitated by us at Crafted & Cured, our local butcher, Mediterranean grill (“Glasz”) and grocer, coffee market and gelato provisions.

The Team

We bring you Taste & Experience – So come let us entertain you.

Owner – Andy Routson
Owner – Andy Routson

Andy comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has always known he would one day follow in those footsteps. He was really just looking for the right opportunity to make his move. “Crafted & Cured is that opportunity.”

Andy has worked at an executive level of management, sales, marketing, accounting and finance for nearly 15 years with numerous companies across many different business markets. Over that course of time he has been immersed in the craft beer community and industry. Additionally, he has an extensive cellar of acquired rare and special releases which led him to inevitably pursue and eventually become a certified cicerone after a hobby turned into a profession. This has led to extensive networking with individuals across the country in the beer industry from local to national brands. His goal is to bring the community and the entire industry his passion for special tastes and unique palate experiences.

Owner – Christian Alvarez
Owner – Christian Alvarez

It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days. At most terrestrial.

“Dietz Block” Est. 1886
“Dietz Block” Est. 1886

Join us as we embark on a journey that takes us through the footsteps of over 150+ years of Dayton entrepreneurship and history. 

“Crafted & Cured” Est. 2015