Come & Join Us For Champagne and Caviar Tasting!

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Our Nov 22 $100 Champagne Tasting teaser #1 Champagne menu for the event: -2009 Pierre Gimonnet Special Club -2008 Gaston-Chiquet Special Club -2012 Mousse Rosé Special Club (the only Rose Special Club ever made) What is the Special Club? In 1971, a small group of farmers in Champagne, France banded together in order to provide a voice and identity for their brethren against the famous big Champagne houses. These farmers sit on some of the most precious land in all of Champagne and historically would sell their grapes to the famous champagne names (Moet, Veuve, Krug, etc.) but over time, some made the decision to make their own wine from their own prized vineyards.

These quality-oriented producers became known as the “Club de Tresors” and hold the highest standards for production, and there are now 28 prestigious members of this society. In the greatest years, they produce a “Special Club” bottling; their very best wine, which are often limited to just a few hundred bottles. This tasting will be an experience of three of these “Special Clubs.”

For more information on Special Club Champagne, please visit the link below.

Club Tresors De Champagne

Come and join us

Crafted & Cured


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NEWS!!……… As the rest of the market begins final touches we are looking to EXPAND our offerings and hours in the very near future. Crafted & Cured is looking for individually motivated prospects who want to serve people unique charcuterie and craft products while being a part of a community oriented business. If you would like to be a part of a great company, have knowledge and a passion for unique meats, artisanal cheeses, craft beer, wine, serving people and more, we are looking for you! Our work environment provides a platform for our employee family to show their personal vision through these elements and how they pair together.
In the comments below will be a link to our website where you can contact us and leave a resume if you would like to be a part of the Crafted & Cured family……… Thank you!………. Crafted Craft Beer CuredMeat Curd Oregon District Downtown Dayton South Park


Come and join us

Crafted & Cured

showcases “The Landing Apartments”

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This video showcases The Landing apartments that are truly in an amazing building. The Dayton History of this building has touched many of our lives in the Dayton metro area for 86 years. The YMCA was a staple in DowntownDayton. The architectural prowess of this building reminds you of the old industrial style Dayton is known for……… Crafted


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Come and join us

Crafted & Cured

Skin Off The Mango

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As SourAles are making there move into the average beer conversation be sure to expand your palette so you do not miss these styles. As for Mango, we think all of us can get on board for all things mango! Taft’s Ale House Skin Off The Mango Saison from their sour series is definitely not faking the Funk CraftBeer

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