$20 Gift Cards for this holiday’s special Someone!

GIFT CARDS!! ….. $20 increments!

This time of year we are conscious of the busy schedules folks keep. This is why we would love for you to give the gift of love in the form of a Crafted & cured GIFT CARD!
We have as many gift cards as you can stuff in a stocking for everyone this year!
Give the gift of meat and cheese paired with a wonderfully crafted beverage to fit that special someones desired tasting.
We have every palette blaster from Spanish Cured Meats to Barrel Aged stouts and porters!…..
Purchase a gift card and make somebodies holiday that much more special!……..

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showcases “The Landing Apartments”

This video showcases The Landing apartments that are truly in an amazing building. The Dayton History of this building has touched many of our lives in the Dayton metro area for 86 years. The YMCA was a staple in DowntownDayton. The architectural prowess of this building reminds you of the old industrial style Dayton is known for……… Crafted


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EVENT – “Molly Dooker Tasting” Oct. 18, 2016

Join us for a tasting of one of Australia’s most award-winning wineries, Mollydooker! Over the past decade, owners Sarah and Sparky Marquis have amassed a list of accolades that very few people in the world can boast. These wines are characterized by huge flavors! We’ll be pairing these behemoths with boldly flavored foods from our cured side. As always, our resident Wine Jedi, Michael Freeman of Vintner Select will be on site to guide and initiate first-time Mollydooker tasters to the “purple teeth club!” Also, once these wines sell out, they’re gone until next year!

Tuesday, October 18 at 3 PM – 9 PM

-Smoked Cheddar with a Maple Bacon Jam
-Gorgonzola Dolcelatte
-Pâté de Campagne
-Lonzino Berkshire Loin

Featured Wines:
-The Maitre D‘ Cabernet
-The Scooter Merlot
-The Boxer Shiraz
-Two Left Feet Meritage

$25 for flight and wine.


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Ohio Breweries making noise @ GABF!

Great American Beer Festival had a great showing from the Midwest in #Colorado this weekend!. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette with a great piece on FatHead’s beer performance at GABF…. Ohio had a very strong showing with 8 medals.  Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon took home 5 medals including Fifty West Brewing Company Millersburg Brewing Company Maize Valleytaking home a medal each! The link in the comments will give you the winners in each category. ENJOY! …….. Crafted CraftBeer – Crafted n Cured

Post Gazette

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Drop by the Shop this Week for Crafted & Cured offerings!

Drop by the shop this week!
We are closed today. Doors open at 3pm tomorrow….
Be sure to check the “Beer List” for this weeks draft offerings…
Our #Cured & #Curd menu is posted recently in our timeline with some delicious local, national, and international cuts …… Crafted Crafted n Cured Oregon Historic District SouthPark Downtown Dayton Charcuterie CraftBeer


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